A horde of White House interns gathered to glimpse Taylor Swift, and we get it

We love Taylor Swift. And like most devoted Swifties, we would go to great lengths to breathe the same air as her. So we’re not at all surprised that when White House interns heard a rumor that Swift would be in the building, they immediately set off to find her.

According to Roll Callreporter Juliegrace Brufke sparked the rumor on July 11th when she tweeted that Swift would be in the Russell Senate office building “at some point” during the day. The news spread like wildfire, and before long, interns, Senate pages, and young staffers alike swarmed the halls of the Russell building, hoping to catch a glimpse of the “Look What You Made Me Do” singer.

Unfortunately, it seems Swift’s appearance was just a rumor. Although she performed at D.C.’s FedEx Field the night of July 10th, she never showed up at the White House on the 11th. Brufke clarified in a later tweet that her sources had been wrong (though Jane Fonda made an appearance, which is pretty freaking cool).

And, because it’s 2018, we were able to witness the entire debacle unfold via Twitter.

To be honest, if we heard that Taylor Swift was going to be at our place of work, we’d find a reason to loiter in halls and outside random offices on our lunch break, too. We hope that the interns of Capital Hill weren’t too bummed about the misfire…and hey, maybe Swift will make a courtesy call sometime soon (fingers crossed).

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