The White House is finally agreeing that fine, climate change might be real after all

If you’ve been wondering about the root cause of climate change, wonder no more. The latest National Climate Assessment has officially confirmed that humans are predominantly responsible. This news, according to The New York Times, contradicts the Trump administration’s ongoing doubts regarding the “causes and impacts of a warming planet.”

On Friday, the fourth iteration of the report was released. It stated that the pace and pattern of climate change is clearly a result of human activity. The report compiles findings from 13 federal agencies. Together, they explain that these rapid changes could not be the result of natural causes.

Key takeaways show that after 150 years of rising temperatures, we’re living in the warmest period there’s ever been. Due to these increased temperatures, the earth has seen many other consequences, including warmer ocean temperatures, melting glaciers, differing rainfall and storm patterns, and many others. Increased levels of greenhouse gases emitted by cars and other industrial efforts have directly contributed to rapid climate change.

The release of this report comes at a time when environmental issues have been at the forefront of many political conversations. Though some officials prioritize this topic more than others, the severity of this issue remains an ongoing debate.

However, while the report contradicts the Trump Administration’s official stance, the White House approved its release.

And that raises even more questions. For those living in the U.S., several policy changes have been made since Trump was sworn into office. It was just in June 2017 that the president made the decision to walk away from the Paris Climate Agreement. Now, with the release of these findings, plus the United Nations Bonn Climate Change Conference happening next week, it will be interesting to hear what sort of feedback the U.S. can expect regarding its stance on the issue. And whether or not the Trump Administration will change its stance.

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