So, this White Castle recipe made the Internet explode

Two of the best foods on the planet are, undeniably, burgers and pizza. Usually you have to choose one or the other, which is often a difficult choice to make. Do you want to bite into a deliciously cooked burger with all the fixin’s, or chow down on some saucy, cheese goodness? Decisions, DECISIONS — until now, because you can have your pizza, and eat your hamburger, too.

Bonus: it’s a White Castle burger on top of the pizza, and is this a Christmas miracle?

Chef Tym Bussanich has taken the pizza-hamburger idea to the next level. Hamburger on pizza is not a new thing (because seriously, meatball pizza is where it’s at) but putting whole hamburgers on top of a pizza? You’ve got our attention. Especially considering the fact that Bussanich got his hands on a box of White Castle sliders. Why did no one ever think to put White Castle sliders on a pizza before??

This is one of those “so wrong, it’s right” situations. Many are calling Bussanich a “hero” and ” the chef of our dreams” for putting these two things together. Others are calling the whole thing, plain and simply, “gross.”

White Castle themselves is pretty impressed, stating that  Bussanich is a “mad genius,” but not the kind who’s looking to take over the world — rather, someone with a really great food plan that’s making our mouth water in a way we didn’t think possible.

Is this amazing… or not? We’ll let you know right after we’ve un-frozen a box of sliders and tried this ourselves.

Images via Twitter, Instagram