ALL the heart eyes for these newborn white Bengal tiger cubs

The Yalta Zoo in Crimea, Russia, recently welcomed three super rare, super ADORABLE white tiger cubs to their animal family. White tigers carry a gene that’s only found in 1 out of every 10,000 tigers. These gorgeous creatures are a subspecies of the Bengal tiger, which is classified as endangered. In fact, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) estimates there are only 3,200 Bengal tigers left in the wild and none of them are white.

So these little cubs are a pretty big deal, guys. Sadly though, their mother, Tigryula (have you ever heard a more perfectly exotic name for a tiger?), has refused to feed them. (No judgment, Tigryula.) So zookeepers have taken over the job with regular bottle-feedings.

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To keep the cubs warm and happy, they’re being kept in the zoo’s nursery along with some equally adorable newborn lion cubs. Really, it’s all almost too cute to handle. I mean, I know eventually they’ll grow up to be super-fierce and all. Lions may have the rep for being king of the jungle, but tigers are actually the largest species of the cat family. (Fun fact: a group of tigers is known as a “streak” or an “ambush.”) But right now, the little black-and-white striped cuties look more like kittens than predators.

See for yourself.

Welcome to the world, little tigers!

[Image via video.]