Which ‘Mean Girl’ Are You?!

Did you know October 3rd is Mean Girls Day?!If you remember correctly, the day Cady Heron asked Aaron Samuels what day it was, it was October 3rd! It’s pretty cool that a movie gets its very own day, but I say any day is a good time to reflect on this Tina Fey classic.

So we know all of the girls are mean. But there are so many different types of mean!

Take this quiz to find out which Mean Girl you are!

My relationship status with my boo can be described as:

  • A. I have a huge secret crush, but I think he likes my friend.
  • B. I have my boytoy wrapped around my finger.
  • C. We’re sort of on a break, but as soon as he’s ready we’ll get back together.
  • D. I don’t have just a boo…My cousin is kinda cute though…

The insult that would hurt me the most is:

  • A. You’re mean.
  • B. You’re ugly.
  • C. No one likes you.
  • D. You’re stupid.

When I’m in trouble I usually:

  • A. fess up and accept my punishment.
  • B. become proactive and get someone else in trouble first.
  • C. call my daddy to bail you out.
  • D. apologize while reminding everybody what I did.

A fun night for me would be:

  • A. hanging out with my friends, talking smack about my other friends.
  • B. making out with my boyfriend. Or one of his friends.
  • C. whatever my best friend wants to do.
  • D. going to Taco Bell.

My special talent is:

  • A. I’m really good at math.
  • B. I’m really good at controlling people.
  • C. I’m really good at following the crowd.
  • D. I have a fifth sense.

When I’m really mad at somebody I:

  • A. plot and scheme to ruin every aspect of their life.
  • B. make up a lie to get them in trouble.
  • C. leak out all of their secrets.
  • D. tell them I’m sick and I can’t hang out with them.

My mom is the coolest. She:

  • A. travels and knows so much about the world.
  • B. has no rules.
  • C. married a rich inventor so now we’re set for life.
  • D. doesn’t interfere too much.

When it comes to my figure, I’m most self conscious about:

  • A. my morning breath.
  • B. my man shoulders and my pores.
  • C. my calves and hair line.
  • D. my hips and my nail beds.

I am so worldly because:

  • A. I used to live in a foreign country.
  • B. I’ve shot commercials for a foreign country.
  • C. I use slang words I picked up from a foreign country.
  • D. …actually, I’m not worldly.

What are you going to be for Halloween?

Mostly A’s – You’re Cady Heron

You don’t want to be mean, and you don’t have to be! Right now you’re just a little confused. But you’re smart and fun and you should use your powers for good instead of evil. And don’t ever feel like you have to box yourself into one category.

Mostly B’s – You’re Regina George

Okay, so I don’t know how to tell you this, but you’re kind of a be-otch. But that’s probably a compliment to you. Maybe you can follow in Regina’s footsteps and put your angry energy into a sport or something more productive than intimidating people and ruining their lives. Please don’t be mad at me for saying that.

Mostly C’s – You’re Gretchen Wieners

Girl, you’re kind of a follower. No offense. Don’t worry so much about fitting in and being cool. It’s important to make your own decisions and be yourself. It’s too hard to keep up a facade your whole life. Drop the act and make sure you’re hanging out with people who like you for you.

Mostly D’s – You’re Karen Smith

You may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but you have potential. Don’t think being a mean girl is your only option. Use your talents wisely, don’t get caught up in the wrong crowd and you’ll go far. And don’t let anyone tell you you’re not good enough.

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