Which is your Best ‘Full House’ Man Match?

Now that so many of us are older than we used to be, it’s time to face the facts. We could no longer date the high school boys we had crushes on growing up. The time has come to start daydreaming about TV dads. And Full House had three of them, sort of. The show might have brought us cutie Steve, but get over it, ladies. He’s 16. On the bright side, you finally have a chance with John Stamos.

So, that begs the question, if you were the you that you are today, which Full House man of the house would be your best match?

1. What would be your dream first date?

  • A. A blind date set up for a TV show segment
  • B. A motorcycle ride on the top of a building
  • C. An open mic comedy night

2. A quiet evening at home with your man would include:

3. If I have to watch a sport with my boyfriend, I’d pick:

  • A. His kids’ recreational sports
  • B. His friends’ motorcycle races
  • C. Hockey

4. Who would you rather play at your wedding?

  • A. A folk singer
  • B. The Beach Boys
  • C. Weird Al

5. Things are heating up between you and your man. How does he set the mood?

  • A. He sanitizes the area and takes a shower
  • B. Mirrors on the ceiling and leopard sheets
  • C. Role play

6. When it comes to their dating history, I prefer men who:

  • A. Have committed to only a handful of true loves
  • B. Have been around the block a couple of times
  • C. Have never been in a serious committed relationship

7. If given the choice, I would want my boyfriend to be a celebrity:

  • A. In our hometown
  • B. In a foreign country
  • C. In his own mind

8. What would you brag most about to your friends? “My boyfriend is so talented with his hands. You should see him…”

  • A. Get a stain out
  • B. Play the drums
  • C. Work a puppet

9. You’re still bragging. Finish the sentence you’d be most proud to say. “My boyfriend is so funny. You should see his impression of…”

  • A. The guy from America’s Funniest Home Videos
  • B. Elvis Presley
  • C. Popeye and Bullwinkle and Daffy Duck and Bill Cosby and Pee Wee Herman and an electric guitar and a sprinkler…

10. The best present my boyfriend could ever give me is:

  • A. A performance by my favorite singer at my birthday party
  • B. A song he wrote himself
  • C. A puppy

11. How would you want your child to be told how to handle a bully?

  • A. Talk it out or walk away.
  • B. Beat him up.
  • C. Turn the tables on him and make him look stupid in front of everyone.

12. How do you want to be proposed to?

  • A. An extravagant fireworks display
  • B. On a whim in Vegas
  • C. I’m not thinking about marriage yet

13. Someone says something crazy to you. How do you respond?

  • A. Wake Up! (San Francisco)
  • B. Have Mercy.
  • C. Cut. it. out.

Mostly A’s – Your best match is Danny Tanner!

You like organization and cleanliness in life and in love. You want your man to take care of you and be able to take care of himself. You want him to be the man of the house, but be willing to help take over your duties around the house as well. You’d like him to be thoughtful and have a steady job and be a real live grownup. You and your mate are/will be great parents, exhibiting patience and caring, with a little fun mixed in.

Mostly B’s – Your best match is Jesse Katsopolis

You don’t mind a man who spends more time in the bathroom than you do, as long as he looks and feels good. You are attracted to spontaneity and excitement. You have a thing for musicians and bad boys gone good….but not too good. You still want to have fun and play but you’d like to see potential for a possible soul mate, too. Play your cards right and you can get this guy to settle down. But be wary of a wandering eye, because a leopard print bed set never changes it spots.

Mostly C’s – Your best match is Joey Gladstone

You like to have a good time, laugh a lot, and not take life too seriously. You want a man who can keep things light with you. You are attracted to goofballs and comics and maybe even some weirdos. You shy away from too much responsibility and you don’t like things to get too mushy or romantic. It’s great to have fun with your man, but be careful! Eventually you will outgrow this guy! But that’s cool if commitment isn’t really your thing, anyway!

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