Here’s where Lisa Kudrow thinks Romy and Michele would be today

While we know her best as Phoebe Buffay, Lisa Kudrow’s Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion character is definitely her second most famous. Since the film is celebrating its 20-year anniversary, Kudrow is once again getting a lot of questions about the movie, which has slowly turned into a cult classic.

While there have been talks of an honest-to-goodness sequel (the 2005 TV movie with Katherine Heigl doesn’t count) nothing has been set in stone yet.

But that doesn’t mean that Kudrow hasn’t put a lot of thought into where her character, Michele, is today. When we last left off, they had opened up a boutique together, and Sandy Frink and Michele were starting up a sweet romance.

"Hopefully Michele is still with Sandy Frink!" Kudrow said to E! News. "And Romy's on husband number two or three, you know, because no relationship's gonna be as good as Romy and Michele!"

We can definitely see this happening.

Robin Schiff, who wrote the screenplay, thinks that they’re still pretty involved with fashion.

"I think they're designing clothes—and they're good at it," Schiff commented.

 As for a sequel, Schiff thinks it’d be an “interesting challenge,” even after hearing that Kudrow and her partner-in-crime, Mira Sorvino, would both be interested in reprising their roles.

Whether or not it happens, we’re so happy to know that both Romy and Michele seem to still have fulfilling lives — with or without Post-It notes.

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