The internet has theories as to where Gendry from “Game of Thrones” is

So far Game of Thrones has done an absolutely spectacular job of following through on big promises. Remember when they were like “Ut oh, Ramsay Bolton currently controls Winterfell but Jon Snow and Sansa want it back so there’s going to be a major battle between Ramsay and Jon” and then there was and it was one of the most epic battles television has ever seen?


Build ups like that have amazing follow through on the show. And because they’ve been so awesome about their storytelling, we totally trust that they have a plan and everything will be wrapped up nice little bun as beautiful as Jon’s man bun.

But we’ve been patiently waiting for a long time to find out the fate of Gendry (you know, the illegitimate son of Robert Baratheon and therefore the last known Baratheon who should technically be sitting on the Iron Throne right now and who also had an adorable relationship with Arya Stark that we were totally shipping). Last we saw him (way back at the end of Season 3), Ser Davos was secretly helping him escape in a little rowboat to get away from Melisandre and his Uncle Stannis who totally wanted to at some point murder him for the “power” in his “King’s blood.”

He rowed away and then we waited. And kept waiting. And nothing happened.

So now, people on the internet are (understandably) wondering where in all of Westeros might he be? And rather than waiting another ten months to find out, they’re coming up with some pretty spectacular theories on their own.

*Warning: These might contain spoilers. But, like Gendry’s actual whereabouts, we really have no idea.*

Some people think he’ll row himself right into Daenery’s Armada.


And even claim they “saw” him hidden in a shot.


Others are giving him a noble title, inspired by the fact that Jon has now been named the “King in the North.”


While it’s unlikely he’ll actually be calmly rowing his boat all the way over to Daenerys at Slaver’s Bay of Dragons, he may have made it as far as a beach town on a coast near Dragonstone. There, he’s either hiding out on his own (which he’s totally capable of) or someone recognized him (he’s not all that far from King’s Landing after all) and are holding him as some sort of political card they’ll play when they want to make a move. My money is on Petyr Balish somehow being involved but that’s just because he seems to know everything and be everywhere.

Or, of course, maybe Gendry has simply rowed off into oblivion only to be seen again in our GoT dreams.


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