Where can you get McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce, the condiment that caused actual riots?

This is not a drill. It’s back. It’s here. Again. When we say “It,” we’re not talking about the movie or the Shamrock Shake (though that is back as well). Instead, we’re referring to McDonald’s legendary Szechuan sauce. Has a single condiment ever caused this much joy and anticipation? And more importantly, where can you get McDonald’s Szechuan sauce?

The legend of the sauce began in 1998 when the sweet, spicy condiment was a limited release as promo for the Disney movie Mulan. Diehard Mickey D’s fans couldn’t get enough — especially after Rick and Morty reminded fans of the sauce’s power — and last October 7th, the fast food joint released the sauce again, but only for one day and in such limited quantities that it caused riots. Yes, people take their McDonald’s dipping sauces seriously. 

After the intense response, McDonald’s vowed to “make this right,” and that’s exactly what they’ve done.

Starting today, McDonald’s will offer Szechuan sauce at all of their U.S. locations. Last time, they quickly ran out, but this time around? They came ready. How ready? With 20 million packets. false

This sauce has taken on such a cult status that McDonald’s created a podcast, aptly titled The Sauce, to give us some background on how we got here.


Last year, there were more than 14,000 McDonald’s locations across the United States. And the fast food joint has had the sauce shipped to ever single one.

Needless to say, everyone is ready to start dipping.


And yes, you’ve gotta stock up because one packet isn’t enough. 

Though McDonald’s vowed all locations will have the sauce, a few folks on Twitter have been disappointed and are asking, “Where’s the sauce?!”

The only way to find out for sure is to visit your local McDonald’s. Fingers crossed you’ll be on your way to Szechuan heaven.