U2 just played a seriously fab show in the last place we’d expect

U2 is currently hanging in New York City, gearing up for their long-awaited performance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. They were supposed spend a week with Jimmy and the Roots last November, but Bono broke his arm, and the band had to pull out. Now, on their return to the city, they seem to be making the most of not only hanging out with Fallon, but performing around NYC (for Fallon) as well. While you might expect to see them playing in the 30 Rock courtyard, or even hanging out in front of Radio City, U2 went underground for their latest show. Hey, who doesn’t want an impromptu U2 concert in-between subway cars?

Going incognito — or about as incognito you are U2 and you’re with Jimmy Fallon — Bono, the Edge, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen Jr., held a mini-concert at the Grand Central subway station where they sang a perfectly tailored NYC song, “Angel of Harlem.” They also performed it as if they were really busking, (forget about that whole world-famous rockers, thing), with drummer Mullen using upside down buckets in lieu of drums.


And yes, the picture below of the concert was snapped by famed chef Mario Batali, proving you can literally run into anyone on the NYC subway.

We have a hankering that we’ll get the full story behind this subway show when U2 appears on The Tonight Show on Friday. Also set your DVRs because U2 is not just making an appearance on Friday’s Tonight Show, they will be the ONLY guests.

Laslty, did Bono really think no one would recognize him in that baby blue cowboy hat?

Still getting over the fact that we missed this impromptu performance on Monday, but pumped that by Friday we’ll be watching it all go down on the Tonight Show. 

Images via here, here, and here.