#WhenImNotDating is trending on Twitter, and it’s beyond realistic

Cuffing season, aka the time of year when people want to be in serious relationships, is officially in full swing. But is the whole “dating” and “relationship” thing even worth it? People on Twitter are using the hashtag #WhenImNotDating to remind themselves, and each other, that being single is actually pretty freaking great.

Think about the boundless freedom one has as a single person. You can seriously do whatever you wantwithin reason, of course. For instance, you can selfishly eat all of the Pop-Tarts. You can hog the TV remote. Heck, you can even go days without bathing because who are you trying to smell nice for? No one!

Now don’t get us wrong. There are plenty of upsides to dating as well. Getting to know a new person is always fun. Those butterflies you get when you’re starting to really like someone are welcome visitors. And hey, even if a first date doesn’t go great, you were able to enjoy a nice meal —maybe even a free meal.

But reading through the #WhenImNotDating tweets is making single life sound like a dream. So if you’re not in the cuffing mood, then embrace your singleness and reap the benefits of remaining unattached.

So, what do you do #WhenYoureNotDating?


And if your lack of dating isn’t by choice, then just “create a cunning surrogate.” Simple!

Whether you’re single by choice or by lack of luck, find the silver lining and live your single life to the fullest. You do you.

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