When you have big boobs, this is the nighttime struggle nobody really talks about

Some of us with well-endowed chests know the pain of waking up from a deep, relaxing sleep only to discover the horror of “crinkles,” aka cleavage wrinkles. As panic sets in, we’ll immediately reach for the shea butter to try massage away the skin ravines created during the night from sleeping on our side. We can easily blame it on our big boobs or the realities of getting older, but there are actually more factors that contribute to these pesky décollatege dents, which we’ll learn about below.

Of course, the important question is, can we do anything about boob wrinkles, or are we fated to live with them, and should just accept them as part of life? What if we DON’T want to accept them? (Which is perfectly fine too.) Is the only cure for crinkles to surround our sleeping bodies with 15 pillows so we can’t move during the night? That should be interesting.

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On a quest for a crinkle-free existence, we looked into trying out SiO Beauty’s SkinPads, which are silicone pads that you wear on your chest while you sleep. We also talked to celebrity dermatologist, Dr. Dendy Engelman, about the causes of chest wrinkles, and what we can do to prevent them. Below are questions you might have about cleavage wrinkles, followed by the answers you seek.

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What factors determine someone being prone to having chest wrinkles?

Even though it may seem that bigger-breasted women are more prone to it, anyone can fall victim to the dreaded chest wrinkle. As Engelman points out, “Some of my thinnest patients, who have small busts, have the most wrinkled chests.” Contributing factors are genetics, thin skin, side sleeping, and sun damage. Adds Dr. Engelman: “Typically, fine lines and wrinkles will start in mid to late 20s. The youngest patient I’ve had to date who came in to discuss her décolleté wrinkles was 22.” Great, now we ALL have more to worry about!

Can we learn more about the causes?

While side sleeping definitely contributes to wrinkling, this isn’t the only contributing factor. Says Dr. Engelman:

"The skin of the décolleté is thinner and often much more sun damaged than other areas on the body, so it is more prone to wrinkling versus other areas on the body (the back, for example, has a much thicker dermis and this has a much lower tendency to wrinkle)."

Unfortunately the décolleté region can be difficult to treat. It has thinner skin, so not only is it more prone to scarring, but procedures like lasers and injections are higher risk. “Additionally, they can take months to achieve the desire end point and can also be quite expensive,” says Dr. Engelman.

What can we do to fight chest wrinkles?

“Protect, protect, protect,” says Dr. Engelman. So, make sure to wear sunscreen every day, with an SPF of 30 or higher. When going outdoors, you want to try covering up with protective clothing as much as possible. She also recommends using a serum containing antioxidants which can help prevent accelerated signs of photoaging. She adds: “Gentle exfoliation with alpha or beta hydroxy acid containing products will help to keep this region looking brighter and more youthful.”

Does spraying perfume or scented lotion on our chests contribute to wrinkles at all?

The perfume itself does not, but Dr. Engelman says it can “increase risk of a photosensitivity or phototoxic reaction, meaning increased risk of burn when exposed to the sun, so they can contribute to accelerated photoaging.”

Does clothing have any effect?

Unfortunately, yes. According to Dr. Engelman, tight bras, tank tops, or sports bras can contribute to skin creasing & wrinkling, so make sure everything fits you correctly!

Silicone pads as the solution.

SiO Beauty sent me their SkinPad to try out and I ended up loving it. It works in two ways. As Dr. Engelman describes, “One way is the mild physical cushioning compression of the skin allowing your décolleté to remain smooth and unwrinkled during sleep, even when side sleeping. The other is that the SiO SkinPad creates an optimal microclimate to allow for an adequate balance of breathability that enhances skin hydration and the plumping of the the décolleté rhytides, or wrinkles.”

Dr. Engelman says the Sio SkinPad literally improves skin wrinkling, reduces skin roughness and crepiness overnight, which is true. When I wore the SkinPad, my morning was totally free of The Crinkle. Of course, you’ll have to wear it every night, which can be difficult to remember. You can also use their Décolleté Serum, or be serious and use their full three-step system.

Do you get boob wrinkles? If so, do you do anything about them or do you rock ’em like you DGAF?