When will the iOS bug be fixed? We’re looking at you, Apple

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new iPhone glitch in town and it’s even worse than the one that came before it. Apparently, sending a certain Indian language character can shut down your apps, making you unable to open them again — and that’s bad news when you’re cut off from iMessage. So when will the iOS bug be fixed? So far, Apple hasn’t spoken up.

Basically, the iOS bug happens when you send the Telugu character to someone in an iMessage or use it in an app like Safari, Gmail, or Facebook. Once it’s sent, your app crashes and may not open back up again. Videos of the glitch online are showing that the screen simply goes black when you try to click on a crashed app. If you care even a little bit about having access to your friends and family, this glitch will probably be incredibly frustrating if it happens to you, so what’s the game plan here?

So far, Apple has yet to release a statement or a fix, even though complaints about the bug are all over Twitter.

What’s the deal, Apple? What’s going on?!

The bad news? There’s no word on when a fix will be announced. The good news? It seems like future versions of this software won’t have this issue because, according to The Verge, those who are running the iOS 11.3 beta aren’t experiencing this problem. So when that’s released, this bug is officially a nonissue, but in the meantime, there’s no official word on what we can do.

However, there is a workaround. If you’re locked out of your apps, have a friend message you. This should let you open the app, and then delete the message containing the character. That will then hopefully solve your problem — for now.

Let’s just hope Apple gives us answers (and an update) very soon. Not being able to text would be the worst.