Netflix’s “When We First Met” is here to fill the rom-com-sized hole in our hearts

Hold on to your heartstrings, y’all, because the return of the hilarious, goofy, and adorable rom-com is nigh. That’s right, the streaming company behind hit, edgy and dark shows like Black Mirror and Mindhunter, is releasing a brand new movie next month, and it looks super cute. Netflix’s When We First Metis here to fill that rom-com-sized hole in our hearts, and we’re all about it.

When We First Met is set to premiere just in time for Valentine’s Day. And whether you’re single, in a relationship, in a situationship, or it’s complicated, you’re sure to enjoy the flick in all of it’s 2007-era goodness. Okay, well the movie isn’t actually set in 2007, but the classic romantic comedy vibes will definitely have you feeling like you’re back in the good ‘ol days. The movie stars the lovable Adam Devine (Modern Family, Workaholics) and Alexandra Daddario (Baywatch)as two best friends.

Although…Devine’s character doesn’t want it to stay that way.

Basically, Devine’s character realizes the extent of his love for Daddario’s character, who just sees him as a friend, as she announces her engagement to someone else. Devine soon goes to the bar where they first hung out three years ago and discovers that the photo booth they took adorable pics in together is actually a time machine.

From there, he keeps traveling back in time to when they first met to try and fix what he did that made the love of his life see him as just a friend. (Hopefully, in that process, he realizes you can’t force feelings…) Chaos and hijinks ensue, and Andrew Bachelor also appears as Devine’s friend with all the advice, so you know the movie will have plenty of laughs.

Check the trailer out for yourselves:

When We First Met debuts on February 9th, so let the official countdown to the rom-com begin!

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