When was John Lennon shot? Here’s exactly when we lost the music icon

Many people say that he changed pop culture forever — and the day of John Lennon’s death is a day of reflection for fans of The Beatles. Why is the anniversary still so important, 37 years later? Well, because John Lennon was such an influential musician, with immeasurable talent.

Lennon met future Beatles bandmate Paul McCartney in 1957, and the two started a band initially called The Quarrymen. Eventually, George Harrison joined the band. Completing the group were Stuart Sutcliffe and Peter Best, who played drums. After a few name changes, it was Lennon who decided to go with “The Beatles,” mixing the musical term with the insect — sources say he was partially inspired by Buddy Holly’s band, The Crickets. As they started playing more shows, Sutcliffe left the band to pursue painting, and Best was eventually fired, bringing drummer Ringo Starr to the group.

As you know, the band went on to achieve great things. In 1967, they became the first band to be globally transmitted on TV, and throughout their career, they penned well over 200 songs — an impressive goal for any band. The band publicly decided to break up in 1970, but it’s been reported that Lennon discussed disbanding the group the year before.

On December 8th, 1980, Lennon was killed by a man named Mark David Chapman, a fan who shot the singer right outside his home in New York City at approximately 10:50 p.m.

It’s been reported that the singer had just returned from the Record Plant Studio. Just a month prior to his death, he released an album called “Double Fantasy.” Chapman fired at Lennon five times, but hit him four — which was enough to cause him to pass away. He was pronounced dead around 11:15 p.m. that night.

While his music will live on forever, December 8th is a special day for fans of the musician to think about the impact John Lennon had in the industry. We’ll always miss him.