When is March’s new moon? Get ready to take a Pisces plunge

January dragged on, February flew by, and March is moving quickly as we approach the first day of spring on the 20th. As the season starts to shift, the air hangs differently and the energy feels more charged than usual. The cosmos are starting a new cycle, as is the moon, who begins her 28-day cycle at the Pisces/March new moon on March 17th. The new moon is the beginning of the moon’s journey from new to full, and it’s a day when we can sit with our shadows and darkness as we peer into our subconcious with a little bit more ease than before.

The new moon is also known as the dark moon because it’s the phase of the moon’s cycle when she isn’t reflecting any of the sun’s light.

Instead, she’s black like a scrying mirror, reflecting back our own darkness. The new moon is a time when we get to think about the month ahead with extra clarity. It’s when we can think of what seeds we want to plant in the upcoming weeks, while the moon’s light grows (or waxes) up until she’s full.

Since this new moon is just a few days before the spring equinox, which marks the beginning of spring, and Aries season, which marks the beginning of a new astrological year, it would serve us to get clear about what “new” we need in our lives as well.

So if you can, take some time to yourself on March 17th, to see what in your life needs to be fed and nurtured. Grab a journal, light a candle, play your favorite music, and turn inwards. Simply taking a few deep breaths and feeling the earth supporting you is a good way to start. Then ask yourself what you else you need to feel whole, complete, and taken care of. Pisces is all about emotions and intuition, so listen to the subtle messages your body and mind bring you. Thank the moon when you’re done and go claim whatever it is you need. So it is!

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