This is when March’s Worm Moon will act as a light in the darkness

Each and every month, we get a dose of cosmic medicine. It starts with the new moon, when she’s in her darkest phase and at the beginning of her 28-day cycle. As she waxes, her light grows until her energetic apex at the full moon. Then she starts to wane and lose light, up until the new moon when her cycle starts again. Since February didn’t have any full moons, we’re wondering: When is March’s full moon? On March 1st, we have a Worm Moon. We get to begin a new month, or MOONth, with the moon in her fullest, most magnificent state.

If you think back to January 1st and that full moon, you may notice something peculiar. January 1st and 31st were both full moons. And March mirrors this.

In March we have a full moon on the 1st of the month and another on the 31st, which makes that second moon in a single month a Blue Moon.

We get to start and end March with the moon illuminating what we want to bring to fruition. A new month, a new cycle to focus on and grow.

March 1st’s Worm Moon — named so because at this time, the earth begins to soften enough for worms to emerge from the ground — is a perfect time to reassess where we are in our cycles of growth and development. After the full moon, when the moon’s light begins to wane, we can release what’s no longer serving us. In other words, March 1st is the perfect time to check back in on any goals you made at the beginning of the year as you tweak anything that’s no longer working for you.

We hope that no matter how you honor this full moon, that you take a few minutes to bask in her radiance and whisper your dreams to the sky. You never know who’s listening.

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