“Room” star Jacob Tremblay meets Leo, freaks out, is all of us

Imagine being nine years old and meeting Leonardo DiCaprio. For many of us, Titanic came out just before our tween years, so yeah, we probably would have freaked out meeting the dreamboat. Now imagine you’re nine right now, and you meet Leo. Many nine year olds probably wouldn’t freak out. But many nine year olds aren’t the adorable Jacob Tremblay.

If you’ve seen Room, little Tremblay has completely stolen your heart, not up for discussion. On Saturday, he showed up at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, looking quite dapper in a little kid suit (which is, TBH, the best kind of suit). In a red carpet interview, he explained that his one goal for the night was to meet Leo.

Then, he met Leo.

Through some wonderful SAG magic, Tremblay and Leo crossed paths, and the two posed together for a picture, as you do the second you meet Leonardo DiCaprio. Hats off to Tremblay who is TOTALLY KEEPING IT TOGETHER in the picture, even though internally he must be TOTALLY FREAKING OUT. He lets his true excitement show in the Instagram comment, using not just one exclamation point, but three.

So go ahead, be super jealous of Tremblay. He’s done what many of us, nine years old or not, have yet to do.

(Image via Instagram)

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