Save our souls! When is the next Mercury Retrograde in 2018?

Enjoy this peaceful March and the upcoming Spring Equinox as much as you can because Mercury Retrograde is coming soon. And yes, it’s going to promptly disrupt your life. YAY. But when is the next Mercury Retrograde in 2018?

Just when you almost forgot about this thing called Mercury Retrograde, it comes around to make its first appearance of the year on March 22nd, soon after the first day of spring. So instead of enjoying fresh starts, you’ll be hitting the pause button on new projects and purchases, and readying yourself to anticipate delays and miscommunication for the next three weeks. Ugh.

Even those who don’t live life according to astrology probably know how serious Mercury Retrograde is. When Mercury, the small planet that rules communication and technology, goes backwards, it can cause major headaches related to those areas — which includes everything from texting to public transportation to your iPhone.

This latest bout will find Mercury moving retrograde through Aries.

Aries is a fire sign, which means that pretty much everything Aries people do is infused with major passion and a fiery attitude. Couple that with Aries’ known traits of stubbornness and impulsiveness, and you’ll probably be working through some related hiccups during this stint. For example, you might find yourself being more stubborn or impulsive than usual. Don’t be surprised if issues surrounding the things that you’re most passionate about rise to the surface, which, consequently, might result in conflict and some drama.

The good news is that the first cycle of Mercury Retrograde ends April 15th. The bad news? We have two more cycles to go in 2018, with the next one happening on July 25th.

However, if you choose to view Mercury Retrograde as a time to take life slowly and live more in the moment, going with the natural flow of things, then those three weeks can be an amazing time of self-reflection — and not just a major pain in the butt.

May the odds be ever in your favor.