This new moon is forcing you to create a new path—here’s what that means for your sign

On January 24th, 2020, a new moon in Aquarius will create quite a shock wave and provide a strong release of energy. We’re being pushed to make impulsive and bold decisions to create new paths that align with our soul desires—but it comes at the cost of feeling restless.

This new moon is square Uranus, the planet associated with Aquarius, so these new beginnings that you’ll experience will be liberating yet challenging. But growth happens in the trenches—so push through!

Let’s see how each zodiac sign will be affected by this new moon. Make sure to check out your rising sign as well. 


This new moon is encouraging you to make new friends, branch out, and expand your horizons. Follow your voice—you’re likely to experience new and sudden intuitive insights.


Bold career moves are on the horizon for you, Taurus. You’re being pushed to connect with a sense of purpose to pursue projects and careers that will make you feel fulfilled and successful. This is a good time to ask yourself whether or not you’re aligned with your soul’s calling. If you’re not, make bold moves to go in a different direction.


During this time, you’re being pushed to question your beliefs and life’s purpose. To help with your journey, take a new class, go on a trip, or acquire more knowledge in some form or fashion to feed your ever-hungry brain. This is a spiritual new beginning for you—enjoy the journey.


This new moon is going to be profound for you. It will push you to explore your emotions on a deeper level. Because relationships will be your main focus, you’ll be plunging into matters of intimacy and devotion. While you may receive powerful insights, you might not like what your intuition has to say. Don’t fight it, and listen to it instead.


Because love is on your mind, you might make powerful decisions when it comes to relationships—even when it comes to business partnerships. Whether you’re seeking an unconventional relationship or you’re breaking away from a conventional one, surprises are in store for you.


You’re making bold decisions, whether they have to do with your heart, desires, or joy. While you’re fairly analytical and cautious, this new moon is going to push you to be bold and assertive. During this time, you could decide to take on a new habit that brings you joy and passion or you could be concerned about a new or old romance.


This new moon represents a crossroad for you, Libra. It will help you pursue the most beneficial path and force you to be less indecisive. While you’re seeking novelty and excitement in your relationships, you’re also looking for security and comfort—but which one will you choose? Go for the one that is the most aligned with your authentic self.


Expect to feel stimulated intellectually this week, Scorpio. You may receive unexpected messages and new information during this new moon. But be careful—you have the potential of mentally over-heating, so make sure to create enough space for you to cool down.


This new moon is pushing you to make new financial decisions. Because of this, refrain from making impulsive purchases and going after risky investments, as you could have the tendency to gamble. Good news is, you’re currently reshaping your self-worth and sensuality, so it’s a fairly good time for you.


You have too much on your plate, Capricorn. But you’ve already seen this message in your horoscopes from this week. You need to let go of the need to do everything yourself before you burn yourself out. Prioritize!


It’s time to go on a journey of self-discovery. This new moon is pushing you to get curious, plan a trip, seek new experiences, and have a lot of fun. Because you could receive unexpected news or messages, make sure to stay on the lookout for surprises!


This new moon is profoundly healing for you. It’s bringing a soft, sweet, and gentle energy into your life. During this time, go to therapy, whether by journaling or seeking a professional. This is when you need to rest and seek spiritual practices to heal.