This 2020 February full moon wants you to mend broken relationships—here’s what this means for your zodiac sign

On February 9th, 2020, we will be blessed with a full moon in Leo. This fire-like energy will bring warmth, candor, playfulness and passion over the collective.

However, this particular full moon in Leo will occur at the same time as Venus enters Aries. Both of these signs are about passion, youthfulness, creation, and expression and assertion of the self—so expect to feel this energy tenfold.

This Leo full moon is also about pushing us to explore our identity and express ourselves with more boldness and authenticity.

Good news is, love healing will be all around us, so this is a great time to mend, work on, and restore relationships. But if this isn’t your main focus, then you may find yourself coming face-to-face with healing insights and conclusions, which will help you relate to yourself and others in a more simple and warm fashion.

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Love is all around, Aries. This full moon will activate your creative and sexual flair, so expect to feel playful for the next two weeks. All you have to do is have fun, express yourself, and enjoy these hot energies!


This full moon is going to offer some serious insights when it comes to your emotions and emotional patterns. You’re being offered the possibility to understand why you do the things you do, especially when it comes to relationships and emotional bonds. Expect to receive serious and profound insights.


This full moon will supercharge you, Gemini. It will fall into your intellectual sector (as if you needed help with this!), and all the energies will wildly support you. You have so much going on that you might not even know what to do with all this goodness you’ll be receiving. Try to ground yourself to remain on your own two feet.


This full moon is promoting a sense of groundedness and independence for you, Cancer. You’re likely to feel stable and good on your own, in your space, and in your body. This is also a positive time when it comes to money and material things, as this full moon falls in your sector of finance and possessions. Go ahead make those money moves and enjoy yourself! 


This full moon falls in your sign, Leo—and it’s time to be all out! Because your energy will be uplifted, you’ll have more opportunities to assert and expand yourself. Go after your goals, whether they involve a special someone, a new project, a promotion, or a new hobby. This is the time to make things happen.


It’s time to dream, Virgo. This full moon is pushing you to explore your subconscious. Go to therapy, talk with a compassionate friend, journal your dreams, or spend time practicing mindfulness. However, hidden information, like secrets, could come up to the surface during these next two weeks.


You’re on a roll, Libra! Time to expand, network, make new friends, meet new people, and feel replenished by your human connections with others. Get out of your shell and enjoy connecting with others, whether it’s IRL or on the internet. Anything is possible at this time, but you need to rely on other people to bring you new opportunities.


Now is a time to ponder important questions related to your housing and family situation. If there have been some difficult energies going on in your home or family, try to sit down, put pride aside, and get started on solving the problem, so you can find out how you can make your happily ever after come to fruition.  


This is a very powerful full moon for you, as it resonates with your natural themes. This is a time for karmic retribution, which means the consequences from past events will show up now. If you’ve had legal problems recently, now would be the time to find a resolution for it. If you’ve recently completed exams, you may receive the results during this time. Plus, you could find yourself wanting to plan a trip. Either way, stay out of trouble and jump on a plane.


It’s time to get serious, Capricorn. You could be considering whether or not you want to make a strong, lifelong commitment (i.e. marriage, mortgages, family, etc). With these commitments on your mind, lay down some solid and permanent foundations for yourself to see them come to fruition.  


Are you considering running back to an ex, Aquarius? I see you “revisiting the crime scene.” As this full moon falls in your relationship axis, it looks like you could be pondering whether or not you want to revisit the past. While you’re the only one who knows this answer, you’re advised to be honest, direct, and avoid doing mind games when it comes to relationships. Just be truthful and authentic.  


Things are about to move quite quickly for you, Pisces. Now is the right time to embrace flexibility in your career and routine, and change things around. Going on a trip is also a good idea, but make sure to communicate with others, especially in the workplace. You may have a need to speak up and be more direct about what you feel and need. 

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