Mercury Retrograde is going to happen just in time for the holidays

You don’t even have to be into astrology to know that Mercury Retrograde means business. The internet loves to hype up this astrological phenomena, calling on us to remember to back up our files, to be careful when traveling, and under absolutely no circumstances should we sign a contract during this time. Mercury Retrograde is the name of the phenomena that happens about four times a year, when the planet Mercury looks like it’s spinning backwards. This year, the last set of Mercury Retrograde happens on December 3rd.

The good news? Mercury isn’t *actually* spinning backwards. The bad news? Just about everything the planet rules over (communication, travel, and technology) goes haywire. Our cell phones mess up, our flights get cancelled, and suddenly, we notice a big ole red flag in our contracts, right? Not necessarily.

This year, retrograde is happening from December 3rd to December 23rd, the very end of a very intense year. And while it’s easy to freak and blame every little thing on Mercury, in truth, retrogrades aren’t actually that big of a deal. If anything, they’re a reminder that we should slow down, and be extra careful during this three-week stretch. It’s a time when we should go back so we can double- and triple- check our work. false

Astrologer Jessica Adams explains this further, telling us,

" Mercury is the planet of communication, information, and transportation. So when he appears to move forwards, stand still, go backwards, then go forwards again (which he does now through January), you may find that anything from extreme weather to computer viruses obstructs you. Have a Plan B, especially if you plan on flying."

It’s not a time to start anything new, or to plant any seeds. But it is the time to back it up like there’s no tomorrow! Plus, it’s the end of the year, which means it’s the perfect time to reflect and to sew old seeds. Do you have a project you started but never completed? Now’s the time to go work on that, to draft something, and to plan.

The thing with Mercury Retrograde is that we can’t just avoid life because of it.

Instead, take the time to see retrograde as an opportunity to be over-the-top present. Plan things in advance, don’t make any big decisions around travel, and try to avoiding flying and singing contracts if possible. No matter what happens, we promise you’ll come out on top.