Mercury turns direct today, but things may still feel unstable for the next three weeks

If you’ve been asking yourself When does Mercury retrograde end? You’re in luck—Mercury turns direct today, March 9th, and it’s pulling us out of this period of confusion and internal focus. 

Mercury retrograde is always a time that is a little difficult for us mere mortals. While we do have a natural tendency to look forward to the future and attempt to plan our lives, Mercury retrograde wants us to look at the past and our inner life, so we can rewire ourselves and repair any mistakes that was done. Mercury retrograde is, by essence, not a time to plan and initiate, but more so, a time of reflection and pause.

When Mercury turns direct, the pressure is released and it’s time to get back to normal business. However, the switch isn’t instant, and as much as we’d love for it to be a finger-snap kind of thing, it is not.

Mercury, once it turns direct, will walk back the path it followed during its retrograde motion, which means that everything that unravelled in your life and psyche for the last three weeks will be revisited with a different perspective. It’s the most rewarding part of the retrograde season, as we’re offered the opportunity to integrate what was at first confusing, and gain a greater sense of clarity. 

Even though the usual warnings of purchases, electronics and contracts are officially lifted, it’s still a good idea to remain cautious when it comes to big life changes, as the three weeks following Mercury turning direct are still a bit unstable.

It goes without saying that, if you have some important and urgent decisions to make, then you are very much invited to make them, but if you have been contemplating a life change, especially if this idea came to you fairly recently, it’s recommended to wait until April before pulling the plug on it.