This Wheel of Fortune contestant’s wrong answer will make you cringe

When you’re watching a game show, it’s not unusual to sit back and wonder why the contestant just doesn’t get it. And this Wheel of Fortune moment from the April 9th episode was 100% one of those times.

Pat Sajak, who’s been hosting the show since 1981, has seen his fair share of fails. But it seems like this one was even surprising to him. Jonny, the contestant in question, already had a solved puzzle in front of him and had a good chunk of money (over $7k!) in the bank. The problem is, he pronounced one of the words on the board wrong. He read the answer out loud, the audience clapped for him, but then the show seemed to stall. The “wrong answer” buzzer sounded, and Sajak mumbled a quick “Sorry.”

Instead of “flamenco,” it sounded like Johnny said “flamingo.”

Even after Sajak explains the error to him, he still looks extremely confused. We can only imagine — he went from a seemingly sure thing to bankrupt in just a few seconds. To be fair, we might have made the same mistake when under pressure, so we feel for Jonny!

"To explain, what we all heard was…you gave us a ‘g' instead of a ‘c,'" Sajak explained.

Jonny’s Wheel of Fortune game in general was super strong, so this was likely an unfortunate and non-ideal moment for the guy. If it makes him feel better, we’d love to take dance lessons with flamingos.

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