What’s Star-Lord’s favorite snack? It’s actually on his new “Guardians of the Galaxy” shirt

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 hits theaters in almost a week and a half and it’s honestly all we can think about. The first GOTG film was filmed with hidden Easter Eggs and writer/director James Gunn has promised that the upcoming sequel will feature so many more.

There’s one potential Easter Egg that everyone, including star Chris Pratt, is currently trying to crack: the code on Star-Lord aka Peter Quill’s t-shirt. The mystery was sparked when a still from GOTG 2 was released featuring Star-Lord rocking said t-shirt. According to Chris Pratt, the code is actually a candy bar logo from the first film. Hmmm…

“From my understanding, it’s a logo from a piece of candy or candy bar, some sort of snack, from the first movie; this space candy, maybe like these little gummy drops or something," Pratt told the Huffington Post. "James [Gunn] really loved the font, this made up alien font, and they ended up using that image on the shirt ... I pictured it as a guy who would wear a Reese’s Pieces shirt ironically. He’s like wearing space candy on his shirt. He knows that other people know what it is and think it’s funny.


Essentially, Pratt is saying that Star-Lord is rocking a space version of a Reese’s shirt. We’re not sure if we buy it. It definitely wouldn’t surprise us if Pratt was in on the joke and simply leading us on. When a fan posed the question to Gunn, along with an alternative theory, he remained coy, tweeting a simple, “Yes.”


But what does this mean? We guess we’ll have to wait and find out. Luckily for us, it appears that the space candy *could* make an appearance on Pratt’s infamous Instagram diet diary “What’s my Snack?” When the Huffington Post asked whether we’d see the candy on “What’s My Snack?” Pratt said,  “Oh my God. Well, if it does, I’ll give you credit, Bill [Bradley from the Huffington Post]. That’s amazing. That’s exactly what should happen.”

While we have so many questions about this space candy, we’ll have to see GOTG 2 in theaters to see if any of them are answered.