What’s in the Nickelodeon slime used at the Kids’ Choice Awards?

Every Nickelodeon fan — or former Nick TV lover — knows about that green slime. After all these years, have you ever wanted to know what’s actually in the slime from the Kids’ Choice Awards? We have!

Over the weekend, the 30th annual Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards took place. In addition to celebrities posing on the red carpet and winning awards, there were the typical slimings.

If you have the Kids’ Choice Awards without slime, then it’s not the KCAs, right? Right!

While the 2017 award show was full of new winners and had John Cena as the host, it had one constant…that green goop.


It’s always a major player during the yearly show, and although it looks gross, we love it. Come on, like you don’t enjoy seeing your favorite celebs covered in the gooey substance?!

If you’ve ever wanted to be slimed yourself, we have good news for you…it’s totally edible.

Yes, we know that question has been on your mind forever.

After testing the goo themselves, Just Jared recently revealed what the iconic substance is made of, and it’s kind of surprising.


Technically, Nickelodeon likes to keep the slime ingredients a secret, but they did tell the publication that it’s safe to eat. Plus, it’s made with all-natural ingredients.

Over the years, the makeup of the neon green goo has changed. What we do know is that today’s recipe is a ~secret blend~.

According to a bunch of theories, the current slime is suspected to be made from Cream of Wheat, baby shampoo, and Jell-O!


Baby shampoo? Does this mean that the goo is actually cleaning your hair while making you green? Oh, and Jell-O must make it taste semi-okay, right?