What is Vine 2? Here’s what we know about the Second Coming of Vine

Since the OG Vine app metaphorically closed up shop on January 17th, 2017, fans of the six-second looping video platform begged its creators to bring it back. The creators listened, and Vine 2 is making its way to the App Store sooner rather than later. However, what exactly is Vine 2? Let us explain.

The mastermind behind Vine and Vine 2, Dom Hofmann, has made several v2-related announcements via the community forum. One such announcement explained that Vine 2 won’t actually be called Vine 2The app will go by v2 and has no association with Twitter (unlike the original Vine app). It’s a completely different entity.

Hofmann and the v2 team haven’t set a release date for the app, although Hofmann told Tech Crunch they’re hoping for a Spring 2018 launch. They’re also not yet running a beta program. But if you want to reserve yourself a username, it’s probably a good idea to sign up for a forum account.

"It’s likely that both the beta enrollment program and username reservation systems will utilize this forum in some capacity, so it’s good that you’re here," Hofmann wrote.

Similar to its parent app, v2 videos will be anywhere from 2 to 6.5 seconds long and will utilize the famous loop. Furthermore, Hofmann confirmed to Tech Crunch that v2 will not use any color, face, or geo filters, most likely to keep things as simple as possible.


Although Vine was a bit like the Wild West when it came to users being able to add famous music and movie scenes, v2 will be much stricter when it comes to copyrighted material. The v2 team also wants to limit the amount of video stealing and reposting amongst v2 users. false

And we’re sure that all of you are wondering about how the money situation is going to be handled with v2. Vine ultimately failed because creators had no way of earning money from the app and had to seek outside sponsorships. Hofmann told Tech Crunch that there are many ideas floating around, “but it’s not yet time to make a decision.” false

Vine was an awesome platform for budding comedians and content creators to get their start as they established a fan base. Those who never got that opportunity, or who want to jump back in the loop saddle, are excited to see what v2 has to offer.

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