What to stream to fill the ‘Mad Men’ sized hole in your heart

Welcome to a post Mad Men world. It should feel like just another Tuesday, but deep down inside, it’s hard to grasp that this Sunday there will be no new Mad Men. Next season, there will be no new Mad Men. Indeed, there will be no new Mad Men ever. The world feels blank and empty, just like the old Sterling Cooper & Partners offices.

Ok, but this isn’t like the end of television. It’s just the end of Mad Men. There will be new TV shows to love. New seasons to obsess over. New characters to fall in love and hate with. And if you’re going through heavy pangs of Mad Men grief right now, there are many great series that you can watch right now on Netflix to fill the void left by Don, Peggy, Pete, Joan, Roger, Stan and everyone else.

So what TV show should you turn to for solace?

Mad Men

If you’re really struggling with the Mad Men separation, you can go ahead and re-watch every single episode right now (including season 7A. 7B hasn’t made it up yet on Netflix, but that’s understandable. It’s only been 48 hours).

Breaking Bad

Keeping with the AMC theme, might as well start Walter White’s journey again. With a second viewing you’ll also be able to pick up on the insane amount of foreshadowing throughout the series.


I discovered Terriers by accident and now I can’t stop telling everyone to watch it. Watch Terriers. It’s a one-season wonder from FX that told the story of ex-cop Hank and his ex-criminal best friend, Britt. The two of them solved crimes. It’s hilarious, heartfelt, and you’ll be so sad once you’ve finished all 13-episodes.

Veronica Mars

Not as heavy as Mad Men, but still just as intense. Every day is a great day to revisit Neptune, California, and Ms. Veronica Mars. Come for the lightning fast, snappy pop culture dialogue, stay for Logan Echolls. (The only thing about this binger is that it’s only on Amazon Prime).


HAVE YOU WATCHED BLOODLINE YET, if not, WHY NOT? While, yes, I’ll admit the pacing of the show is sometimes slow, Mad Men was the same way. It’s all about the build up to that big reveal and endgame, and Bloodline’s got a killer one (pun intended).

The West Wing

You might think you won’t like the West Wing because you don’t like politics. But listen, the show’s not all about politics. Sure, there are some political things mixed in and Martin Sheen is the president, but there’s so much more to the show. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll find yourself making grand speeches about little things. Mad Men bonus: Elizabeth Moss plays the presidents daughter.

The Sopranos

Before we ever met Don Draper, there was Tony Soprano. Before creating Mad Men, Matthew Weiner worked on the Sopranos. Don’t you want to know the hype surrounding that notorious fade to black?

30 Rock

Maybe you need something light and funny to detox after Mad Men. Time for 30 Rock. Not only do they make a ton of Mad Men jokes, but John Hamm plays one of Liz Lemon’s boyfriends.

We’ll get through this together.

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