What To Do When You Lose a Book

I’ve lost my book.

Don’t worry. I’m told it’s in good hands. This is the downside to accustoming yourself to going out alone. Sometimes you lose things because there’s no one to pick up after you and there’s no one to make sure that you actually grab all of your things when you leave a place. I spent half my day at my local watering hole yesterday, and when I was joined by a friend towards the end of the evening, I threw my book with erring accuracy into the bag at my knees.

It had been hanging on the hook for four hours at that point. I knew it was there. I had only had a glass of wine or two so my aim should have been right on. An evening of frivolity followed, and when I settled my check, grabbed my things and hustled home to catch the season opener of SNL with my roommate, I thought nothing of the weight of my purse at my side.

Cue the dangerous music as I went hunting for something to read ten hours later. I had my coffee; I had my sweater; I was ready to curl up in the cool dewy morning and read the day away.

And my book wasn’t there.

It wasn’t there.

I almost cried.

You guys. I’m only 40 pages from the end of this book. ALL I WANT TO DO IS FINISH IT.

It’s okay though. I have shelves and shelves filled with books, and I’ve already grabbed a reread to occupy myself with while I wait for my friendly neighborhood bartender to bring it back to the bar so that I can retrieve it.

What do you do when you lose a book, gentle readers?

Do you run to the library? Do you run to the bookstore and grab another copy? Do you just give up and move onto another story?

I really want to finish this book and I kind of can’t wait to get back to it. There are only 40 pages left – I think – and I’m rather desperate to know how the whole story is resolved. I went through all the emotions of mourning and grief when I realized the book was not in my purse this morning. There was rage. There was depression. There was acceptance. There was deep, deep sadness.

Will the heroine get back home safely? Will her minders get in trouble for the adventures she’s gone on?


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