Kristen Bell revealed the biggest thing she hid from Dax Shepard when they first started dating

New relationships can be scary. Faced with the fear of rejection, we sometimes downplay our true selves in an attempt to be the person we think our new partner wants—which of course never actually works. In the ultimate “stars are just like us” move, Kristen Bell revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that she did exactly that when she started dating now-husband Dax Shepard back in 2007.

Bell noted that Shepard is a huge motorcycle enthusiast, so she pretended she was, too— going so far as to get a motorcycle license.

“You know when you’re in the beginning of a relationship, you want to seem way more normal—especially me, I wanted to seem way more normal than I actually was,” she told Kimmel on the August 8th episode. “He loves motorcycles. I really wanted him to think that I also loved motorcycles a lot, and so when we first started dating I decided to get my motorcycle license. I was like, ‘I got it. I’m going to show him how cool I am.’”

However, the charade didn’t end well. The Good Place actress said she continued pretending to love all things high-speed well into their fourth month of dating, culminating in a severe moped injury in Italy.

"We had a rented scooter/motorcylce in Rome. We were driving around the city, and we stop at a gas station and he's pumping gas and he's talking to me casually, and I'm like (whimpers), and he lifts my helmet up and is like,'Are you crying?' I was sobbing."

Turns out Bell had gotten a severe burn on her leg from the side of the bike, but didn’t want to tell him because she wanted to seem like she had everything under control.

We get it, girl. Sometimes it takes some life experience (and a painful injury) to realize it’s always better to just be your authentic self.

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