What Is Real? Thoughts On Gaming And Platonic Love

Last Valentine’s Day I wrote one of my favorite articles, “The Power Up of Love.Hundreds of gamers wrote to me, sharing their heartfelt stories of finding true romance, in what many considered, the most unexpected place.

When we think of Valentine’s Day, we mostly dream of chocolates and roses from our significant others. But I can’t help but to think back to the days of grade school, when the entire classroom got Valentine cards from everyone. From our friends.

Platonic love is just as strong in video games as romantic love, though it’s hard to explain.

This Valentine’s Day, I want to share a story from a gamer named Andrew M. Byrne. Andrew writes a blog called ByrneJournal.com, and recently experienced the loss of an in-game friend. Although parting is such sweet sorrow, the message that Andrew discovered is incredibly loving and deeply moving.

By randomly finding one of the short “in-game books” scattered across the popular MMO, Andrew found a way to connect with the reality of life, love and in-game friendships. Coincidentally, this particular book, “Old Ri and the Million Souls“, was written by a dear friend of mine, Dave Kosak aka “Fargo”.

Thank you, Andrew, for letting me republish your story, and thank you Fargo for this very genuine portrait of friendship.

Love comes in many forms, and our friendships with one another are just as deep as any other. <3 Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone with whom we share our souls <3

Find Andrew on his blog ByrneJournal / twitter @ByrneJournal.


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