So THIS is why your mouth randomly shoots spit out sometimes

If you went to a school that had a prankster or two, then odds are you know what gleeking is. Heck — you may have even done it without even meaning to. What we’re talking about here is an advanced form of spitting, one that allows you to essentially shoot saliva out from under your tongue (sometimes by accident).

Most saliva is made and secreted by the major salivary glands. If you lift your tongue and look in the mirror, you can see the swellings or papillae which are the ends of the tubes. That’s the ducts that take saliva from one pair of submandibular salivary glands to the mouth,” professor Gordon Proctor (from the Salivary Research Unit at King’s College London) told The Naked Scientists. “So, gleeking is probably achieved by the compression of the ducts of the submandibular glands by muscles in the floor of the mouth when you move your tongue upwards.


Professor Proctor adds that gleekers may have a large amount of saliva that’s built up in their salivary ducts, which allows them to project more saliva when they gleek. They may also have eaten foods with a strong taste (such as something coated in lemon), which causes their body to produce more saliva and, thus, to gleek more effectively (or accidentally).

There are even entire tutorials that aim to teach future pranksters how to gleek. One can be found on Wiki How, providing readers with four different methods for gleeking.

All we have to say is this: We’re definitely gleeking out right now.

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