Nonsexual Orgasms Are a Thing—Here’s How to Have One

Get off without getting it on.

No penetration, no problem. That’s right—you can have an orgasm without any physical touch at all. Nonsexual orgasms (also called breath orgasms, energy orgasms, or full-body energetic orgasms) are experienced through meditative practices like breathing and using your imagination to climax. If you’re thinking this sounds like a crock of hippie-dippy bullshit, we get it. We were also skeptical at first, but hear us out: there are actually studies that prove people can climax during nonsexual experiences, like while exercising, riding in cars, and even brushing their teeth.

You might still be doubtful, but if someone is telling us there are more ways to orgasm than we’re currently trying, we’re all ears. Read below to find out what’s considered an energy orgasm and how you can have one of your own.

What is an energy orgasm?

Unlike physical orgasms that we experience through touch (which there are seven types of for females, BTW), energy orgasms are experienced mainly through the power of the mind. You know the phrase: mind over body. So, instead of relying on our bodies to do the work, we need to connect with our minds, which is arguably harder.

This kind of orgasm sounds a lot like meditation, which can be intimidating to those of us who don’t exercise our minds often. Luckily, conscious sexuality expert and tantra educator Sofia Sundari explains what exactly an energy orgasm is.

“A huge difference between physical orgasm and energetic full-body orgasm is that in physical orgasm, we are grasping for pleasure when in the energetic orgasm, we let go into complete surrender,” Sundari tells HelloGiggles. “Energy orgasms happen primarily in our energetic body. The energetic body surrounds the physical body just like a glove.”

Before we jump into trying to have an energy orgasm, Sundari says we need to reframe our mindset, and “focus on orgasmicness rather than orgasm” to allow ourselves to surrender to the experience rather than focusing on the end result. Reaching an orgasm isn’t the goal here—the goal is to totally let go and surrender to your energetic body. Sounds complicated? Don’t worry—Sundari broke down how to focus on orgasmicness below.

“Think of pleasure as the state of well-being that you can experience in your body,” she explains. “As soon as you reconnect with your body, you uncover your orgasmic state. Reconnect with your body by bringing consciousness into it, waking up the sensations, and therefore, healing the tension stored in your physical body.”

Just like fully experiencing sexual orgasms, nonsexual orgasms take practice. According to Sundari, the best way to prepare for having an energy orgasm is by training your energetic body to be alert to what it’s experiencing and feeling. How can we do this?

“Try to stay present in your body and stay focused on sensations,” Sundari explains. “Train yourself to be aware even of the slightest pleasure present in your body.”

Aside from being conscious of what your body is feeling, Sundari says that physical activities like exercising, practicing breathing, yoga, qi-gong, and martial arts are all ways to train your energetic body to be more aware of sensations—and more likely to experience an energy orgasm. According to Sundari, people who practice these activities “tend to be more vibrant, have livelier energy (as opposed to heavy and stagnant), and have a stronger energetic presence,” which will help them feel connected to their energetic body.

Although there aren’t many scientific studies on energy orgasms, tantra experts have researched the practice for years, and swear by it as one of the most powerful orgasms available to us.

How to have an energy orgasm:

If you’re wanting to explore a unique type of mind-body connection, energy orgasms are worth a shot. Chances are, once you experience one, you might want to incorporate it into the bedroom—solo or with someone—to mix things up. Sundari broke down exactly how to have an energy orgasm in seven steps.

  1. Lie back comfortably with your knees bent and feet on the bed or floor. 
  2. Take long, deep breaths to relax your entire body.
  3. Focus on your genitals, visualizing yourself stimulating yourself slowly and sensually (without actually doing it).
  4. If you’re with a partner, they can hold one hand over your genitals and create a motion of moving the sexual energy from your genital area upward, starting with small strokes and then building up to longer ones reaching all the way up your body. If you’re alone, you can do this yourself.
  5. In rhythm with your breathing and yours or your partner’s hand, start to undulate and create a wavelike motion with your body. 
  6. Make noises. Start out with soft moans, then really start to let loose and get louder as the sexual energy begins to build.
  7. Increase the speed of your motions and sounds of your moans. You’ll start to feel the pressure building. Keep going until you finally reach that orgasmic peak!

If energy orgasms are your jam or you’re interested in connecting further with your sexuality, Sundari has a whole book on these topics called Liberation into Orgasm: Through Pleasure Beyond Pleasure.

Liberation into Orgasm: Through Pleasure Beyond Pleasure by Sofia Sundari

Liberation Into Orgasm by Sofia Sundari nonsexual orgasms

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Now, if you’re intrigued, go try to have an energy orgasm. You have nothing to lose, and possibly a lot to gain.

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