Everything I need to know, I learned from “Space Jam”

Every day is a good day to talk about Space Jam. And with Space Jam 2  being a real thing that is happening (plus, Space Jam celebrating its 20th year this year!) it seems like today is the BEST day to talk about Space Jam. Truthfully, everything I need to know I learned from Space Jam. So let’s chat.

Don’t let anyone bully you

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably seen Space Jam and don’t need me to recap the plot for you buuuuuut, it should be noted that the Monstars are huge, bullying jerks. I was 9 years old when this movie came out and bullying was a thing, so really the Monstars represented everyone in my 5th grade class who mocked me for having dimples and wearing Winnie the Pooh gear. 


The Monstars basically represent hella rude people in your childhood, or adulthood, or on the internet, or whatever. In Space Jam, the Monstars try to bully MJ, and I just feel like if MJ can get bullied, anyone can, right? (Real lesson: fight for your right, stand up for yourself, Monstars are jerks.)

Women aren’t dolls


That being said, I always thought Lola was a badass because she didn’t stand for Bugs calling her a “doll” when he suggests they play a little one-on-one. In typical cool girl ’90s fashion, Lola takes him up on the offer but shows him up big time because — spoiler alert — girls can play basketball too. And don’t you dare call her, “doll.”

Dreams are important 


The overall theme of the movie is about following your dreams and believing in yourself and also your teammates. That song very much follows the theme of the film and maybe that’s why we all remember it even though most of us don’t like R.Kelly at this point? Well, I do believe I can fly, and I also believed in young MJ, as well as the haphazard team that ends up winning the games.

Bill Murray is life 


Old websites die hard 


You’ve Got Mail still exists too. Warner Brothers, holds it down.


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