What happens to you if you don’t shower for two days will gross you out

There’s no disputing the magical powers of dry shampoo, but just because you’re skipping a hair wash doesn’t mean you should skip a shower – especially for multiple days in a row. In order to keep your skin healthy and clean, you need to rid your body of the bacteria and other toxic gunk that gets into your pores. And clogged pores are really the least of your worries if you skip a shower for two days.

Turns out, we carry 1,000 types of bacteria, and while most are good bacteria that fights away disease on our behalf, we also have to be wary of bad bacterias. According to an article published on TwentyTwoWords, “You can’t contain the bad bacteria if you don’t shower. And if they find their way to your eyes, nose, or mouth, you can get sick.”

The worst part? The stench.


The article also stated, that the “gasses given off by bacteria can reportedly lead to around 30 nasty smells from one body.” Fantastic.

While there’s certainly no need to take several showers a day – and risk drying your skin out too much – a shower should be part of your normal daily hygiene routine.


Even if you pile on the perfume, scented lotion, and deodorant, those bad bacteria buggers will still be under the surface, and trying to climb their way out to make you reek. There are enough bad things in the world right now, so let’s all take regular showers and keep the bad bacteria to a minimum.