What does “spoopy” mean? Here are the origins

It’s 2017, and new vocabulary crops up every day. So much so that it’s pretty easy to feel out of the loop. If you’ve been wondering what the word “spoopy” means, you’re not necessarily alone. While it’s been around for a few years, the term is still gaining traction online. Just like “Netflix and chill,” the word probably doesn’t mean what you think it does.

Spoopy actually originates from a typo on a Halloween decoration that was found at a department store. A customer spotted it and uploaded it onto Flickr, under the name of “clickfarmer.” It quickly gained a bit of attention, with other Flickr users asking him where he found it.

"Linda saw it for sale at Ross Dress For Less," clickfarmer said. "It was a metal sign, not something you could easily correct. Frightening! She didn't buy it so maybe it's still available?"


As you may have realized, the sign was supposed to say “spooky” — and the mistake is so blatant that it’s surprising nobody caught it sooner.

Of course, more spoopiness followed. Other people uploaded pictures of found “spoopy” signs, and it quickly became a meme.

You might also see “2Spoopy” some places, especially around Halloween.

Like many memes, this one went viral largely due to creatives who peruse sites like Reddit and Tumblr.

All in all, the word means something that’s comically spooky. Or something that tries to be spooky and fails, much like the original sign. Others use it to define something that’s both cute and a little spooky. It’s harmless and fun, and a good addition to your holiday vocabulary.