Everything You Need to Know if Your Zodiac Sign Is Pisces

These fish are known to be compassionate and emotional.

Pisces of the world, it’s time to celebrate, because this is your season! From February 18th to March 20th, the sun enters the constellation of Pisces, the final sign of the zodiac. For everyone, regardless of your zodiac sign, this can bring some extra watery energy into your life, fostering an atmosphere of romance, creativity, and spirituality. And if you are a Pisces, you might feel, quite literally, in your element. From having more intuitive experiences to catching yourself daydreaming, your overall sensitivities might increase now that the sun is back in your sign.

But if you still aren’t fully sure what it means to be the Fish of the zodiac, and why you should be taking full advantage of this time, we’re here to help. HelloGiggles recruited the celestial wisdom of astrologer Lisa Stardust to tell you everything you need to know about what it means to be a Pisces. So the next time you catch yourself in your feels, blame it on your fishy ways.

Pisces personality traits:

Birth Dates: February 19th until March 20th

Symbol: Two fish

Ruling planet: Jupiter and Neptune

Element: Water

Quality: Mutable

Your defining traits: Since Pisces is a mutable sign, you are adaptable, deeply emotional, and often go with the flow. “Pisces are the dreamers and creators of the Zodiac,” Stardust tells HelloGiggles. “You are known for being able to access your intuition with ease and for your empathic nature.” Though you may have a hard time focusing, your desire to escape from reality is all part of your creative, rose-colored view of the world.

Who you’re compatible with: Your love of romance and ability to sympathize with other’s emotions can make you a good partner with just about anyone. But more specifically, you’ll find you’re often more drawn to fellow Water signs and certain Earth signs. They include:

Taurus: “You and Taurus share a mutual artistic and psychic connection that can transcend years together,” Stardust says.

Cancer: A fellow emotionally intuitive sign, Stardust says Cancers could make a good partner for you “based on mutual understanding” of the key traits you share.

Virgo: While this relationship can be the stuff of dreams, be careful of Virgo’s perfectionist tendencies, Stardust explains. “These opposites attract, but only if Virgo can be less nit picky with your dreamy nature.”

Scorpio: According to Stardust, a relationship with a Scorpio could be beneficial for the both of you. “You need Scorpio’s stamina to keep you afloat, while Scorpio marvels at your artistic abilities,” she says.

Capricorn: While Caps can be realists, they can also be your perfect complement—whether that be in romantic or friendship contexts. “The combo will be the best of pals, and share many late-night gossip sessions together,” according to Stardust.

Your ideal career path: You might find that you’re most at home in unconventional, freeform jobs that allow you to think outside of the box. “Any creative job is ideal for Pisces because you see the world differently than most of us do,” Stardust says. “You see the world through your emotions, and sixth sense [which means] you can be a great musician, party planner, healer, and writer.”

Your ultimate purpose in life: Because of your sensitive, empathic nature, you may feel called to help others, or seek a greater spiritual purpose. “Pisces are the healers of the Zodiac, so you are ideally suited towards spiritual endeavors such as reiki and art therapy,” Stardust says. “Most of all, you have the power to heal yourself and evolve to become stronger as a result.”

Yes, you’re easily distracted, and yes, you may catch yourself shedding a tear or two during a particularly touching commercial, but that’s all part of your fabulous Pisces aura. So embrace the emotion, and don’t be afraid to go where your gut leads you.

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