What are the best selfie poses? We investigated in honor of National Selfie Day

Capturing the *perfect* selfie is a lot easier said than done. Think about the many factors that go into it: lighting, angle, filter choice, and pose. To make your trial and error process less stressful, we studied our favorite celebrity selfie-slayers to figure out which selfie poses reign supreme. After all, June 21 is National Selfie Day. Time to celebrate.

Our first instinct was to delve into Kylie Jenner’s Instagram because she can easily be considered the “Kween” of selfies. And realize things, we did.

We noticed that Kylie tends to tilt her chin downward and angle her face to one side.


This pose makes Jenner look both demure and seductive, and the downward tilt accentuates the natural arch in her brow. When the lighting is right, this pose really amplifies that Kylie Cosmetics highlight.



Basically, Kylie’s pose is perfect for capturing your more sultry side.

Now all you need to do is throw a few puppies into the mix.


Gigi Hadid was next on our study guide. Hadid’s Instagram feed is filled with professional photos because, well, she’s a supermodel. But every once in a while, she posts a stunner of a selfie. By the looks of it, Gigi likes to counter Kylie’s go-to pose by tilting her chin upward, keeping her face at an angle.

This is a great pose for anyone who’s looking to show off their cheekbone definition. Throw a little highlighter on those bad boys and watch out Instagram, here they come.

Gigi’s selfie pose accentuates the high points of her face. If you go for this pose, you will define your angles, lengthen your neck, and look full-on glamorous.

After Gigi, we found ourselves on Zendaya’s Instagram and we noticed that she’s the princess of profile and pout.

Zendaya snaps herself from a low angle and positions her face almost full profile.

We see on point highlighter, on fleek brows, and lashes for days.

Zendaya also gives us a parted pout, which draws attention to her lips. Slightly parted and pouty lips can add sexiness to pretty much any selfie.

If you love your profile, this is the selfie pose for you.

The thing we love most about Tyra Banks is that she is not afraid to break rules and create her own. Her straight-on selfies are fierce, and show that she knows she’s beautiful and isn’t afraid to let us all know.

The straight-on selfie exudes power and lets your full face of beauty shine. This pose will tell people you don’t care if you have a good side or bad side — every side is worth showing off.

And Tyra shows us that you can also get silly in your selfies. Funny selfies can be just as powerful as fierce ones.

Finally, etherial goddess Solange Knowles teaches us that you can never go wrong with a mirror selfie. There’s really no better way to showcase your incredible outfit and let people know that you’re feeling yourself.

“Yeah, I’m looking at myself in the mirror. Who cares?”


Mirror selfies allow for more creativity and open up a spectrum of pose possibilities. (Side note: selfies don’t have to be still photos, either!)


The mirror itself can actually add personality to the shot.


But at the end of the day, the best selfie pose is always the pose that makes you feel the best about yourself. Decide which features you want to highlight and practice your poses in the mirror, or take a few test shots on your phone. It sounds vain, but self-love is never a bad thing.

Take these pointers from the queens of selfies and alter them to fit your face and personality. Remember, natural lighting is key and filters are optional!

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