What are bra chains anyway?

You may have noticed a new and somewhat confusing trend happening in the world of fashion as of late. Celebs like Rihanna and Bella Hadid have both been spotted wearing bra chains, and the accessory is becoming more and more popular as summer approaches.

But what are bra chains exactly? Think belly chains circa 1990, but for your chest.

The gold chains take the place of a bra, and they frame the breasts but don’t do any actual holding up of anything (which is a good thing, because tight metal in that area does not sound comfortable). They do, however, look great and are definitely less constricting than bras… so that seems like a win win.

Designer Jacquie Aiche explained to Racked why women are loving the bra chains.

“I think more and more women are becoming obsessed with them because of how they make you feel,” Aiche said. “It is something personal, it makes you feel feminine, beautiful, and sexy.”

And if you’re wondering when to wear them, Aiche says that women are wearing them “All the time, under your clothes. That’s part of the obsession.”

She compares wearing a bra chain to wearing lingerie, only better, because the chain doesn’t need to come off. Saucy.

Haati Chai’s founder and jewelry designer Stella Simona has been designing bra chains since 2011.

“The inspiration was definitely my cultural background,” Simona told Racked. “I am East Indian and body jewelry like this is not a new concept to us. Individuals want fashion with their personality in mind. Women don’t see a body chain and think, ‘Oh, this is just for the summer to wear with a bathing suit. Bras are being worn with crop tops, styled with plunging necklines, with lingerie — the possibilities are endless.”

“[A bra chain is] a very delicate piece — perfect for everyday,” Simona added. “You can transition it into a layered look with additional pieces or keep it simple.”

So what do you think? Will you be trying out the bra chain, or will you stick to your good ole fashioned bra?

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