Seeing Angel Numbers Can Signal You’re on the Right Path—Here’s What Each One Means

No, you're not crazy for seeing repeating 1's, 7's, or 4's.

Have you ever spotted repeating sequences of numbers almost everywhere you go? For instance, you wake up and the clock reads 10:10. Then, throughout the day, you notice 1010 on a license plate on a receipt you received at the local coffee shop, and then before you hit the hay, you look at the clock, and yep, it’s 10:10. Are you going crazy or is the universe trying to send you a message? And if so, what is it trying to say? Well, the good news is—you’re not going crazy. The better news is, yes, the universe is trying to send you a message through what are known as angel numbers.

“In numerology, a sequential repetition of numbers is referred to as angel numbers and operates under the idea that each number is connected to a vibrational frequency because everything is energy,” Britt Deanda and Tara Schulenberg, co-founders of Elevate The Globe, a worldwide community of spiritual seekers who are dedicated to raising consciousness on the planet, tell HelloGiggles. “Because every number has its own vibrational frequency, it carries messages that we can interpret from the universe, divine, angels, God or spirit or whoever you speak to in your spiritual practice.”

Deanda and Schulenberg say when you recognize a repeating set of numbers in your consciousness, you are receiving divine guidance from the messages and symbolism they represent. “It’s like a surprise text message from the universe,” they add.

If you’re curious about diving deeper into angel numbers and how you can use them to bring magic and action into your life, read on for insight and advice from a team of spiritual and intuitive experts.

What are angel numbers?

According to Christina Fowler, spiritual advisor and founder of Faery Essence and By Stina Faye, these are the most popular angel numbers and the meaning behind them.


This is usually one of the first numeric synchronicities people will notice, especially when just starting to experience a “spiritual awakening.” Seeing repeating 1’s often signifies that you are capable of manifesting your desires and/or being confirmed that it’s already happening for you.


Tune into your inner knowing. This is a time to regain your balance and make note of your triggers so you don’t repeat the same patterns. Everything you think becomes reality, so clean up your thoughts to increase your vibration. Be patient and believe your dreams are coming true.


You have infinite possibilities available to you. Choose the one that feels the most aligned and choose it with confidence.


Your spirit team is guiding you, you are divinely and infinitely supported. Surrender your fear and trust the path ahead.


Just go for it! The universe is reminding you that you’re surrounded by infinite opportunities. A major change is ahead for you when your vibration matches your dreams and aspirations. Now is the time for more action and abundance.


Abundance! Repeating 8’s often signify that financial blessings are on their way to you, so be open to receiving.


It’s time for an end to arrive. Often appears when a chapter is closing and you’re preparing for a fresh start. Trust the endings and allow yourself to be reborn.


Trust the universe and have faith that you’re on the right path to your higher purpose. You’re awakening to your spiritual self that will help guide your actions moving forward. Know you’re fully supported in this new phase of your life.


A little nudge from the universe to believe in ourselves and our dreams. You are meant for something greater than you could ever imagine. This is a sign that you’re about to manifest something amazing. Keep taking aligned action and keep your faith strong. You got this!

what are angel numbers

Do these numbers mean the same for everyone?

Not necessarily. “Angelic number sequences are mostly vibrational, meaning the feeling you receive when sighting them is typically more important than the definition,” sasy Fowler. “They can absolutely hold the same meaning for everyone but the way that we individually apply them to our unique scenarios is what will make them different.”

Deanda and Schulenberg say there are different meanings for everybody depending on your current energy and phase you are in. They suggest tuning into your own intuition and noticing what piece of the message speaks to you whenever you’re looking up the meaning behind an angel number.

Are angel numbers good or bad?

Movies might’ve taught us to be wary of numbers like “666” but Fowler says there is no “good” or “bad” when it comes to angel numbers. “Whether or not a message will be received as good or bad will be up to our unique perception,” she says.

Deanda and Schulenberg add: “There’s a positive way to look at everything, but some people may interrupt the messages they receive—in the form of angel numbers—as ‘bad.’ It can point you into a direction that may be challenging but when we experience this, we see it as an opportunity to grow and teach this mindset as well.”

And by the way, they say the number 666 is actually more positive than you might think. “In numerology, the number 6 is a number of family, harmony, nurturing and healing.”

How can you use angel numbers to bring magic and action into your life?

Because angel numbers and signs from the universe are a way to know we are connected and aligned with the Universe, Deanda and Schulenberg suggest asking for signs of angel numbers to help you make decisions and/or confirm you’re on the right path.

“Ask for different signs at different times,” they suggest. “You can ask if you’re looking to make a change in your life and you can ask for something specific or something general. If you ask and you don’t see numbers appear that is a message, too, but remember the universe only says ‘yes,’ ‘not right now’ or has something better for you! If you don’t see it right away, it is best to relax, be patient and trust your path and timing.”

The pair says whenever they are on the brink of a huge change in their lives or making a big decision, whether personally or with the business, they will often see 555.

“It always shows up for us and it’s continuously shown up in the last six years,” they say. “We’ll wake up at 5:55, look at the phone driving home at 5:55 or see a license plate with 555 and when we see this we know we are getting the message that we are in the middle of a huge shift or about to be. It’s fun to get in the energy of listening and receiving messages and play with it.”

Are angel numbers real?

Of course, there might be some scientific reasoning behind you seeing repeating numbers. Apophenia is the tendency to perceive and interpret meaningful connections between random patterns, like sequenced numbers. While all living things recognize patterns, according to an article in Psychology Today by Dr. John W. Hoopes, humans are probably the only ones to assign symbolic meaning to those patterns. This might mean the angel numbers you see could be your subconscious trying to assign meaning to a meaningless pattern.

Or, you could see angel numbers as Fowler puts it, “When you acknowledge the numbers and allow them to become a motivation to move forward, even in scenarios that feel inherently bad, they can bring about a deeper connection to yourself, the world around you, and a sense of peace I think we all deserve to have in this lifetime.”