This is what Apple should be doing instead of slowing down our old iPhones

We were pretty disappointed to find out that Apple intentionally slows down older iPhones, something consumers had suspected for years.

The company claims they do it to ensure that aging batteries continue to run smoothly.  Apple phones are made with lithium-ion batteries, which do not age well and can cause older phones to do wonky things, like turn off at random times. Once the battery in your phone gets old, Apple starts to alter how the phone uses power, which makes things run slower. While Apple insists that this improves the safety of the phone, it drastically hurts user experience.

But Todd Haselton, a CNBC tech editor, says there’s a much better, more consumer-friendly solution.

In a piece for CNBC, Haselton writes, Apple should be replacing old batteries free of charge instead of slowing down our phones. And um, YES PLEASE.

This would allow consumers to keep the phones they already have instead of forcing them to shell out tons of money just so they have a product that works the way it’s supposed to. It would also likely encourage brand loyalty and help consumers feel more satisfied with the purchase and the company as a whole. Halston notes that while replacing batteries might seem expensive in the short-term, it’s actually a much better business move overall.

He wrote, “Sure, it’s an expensive undertaking for Apple, but a user should be guaranteed a certain level of performance for the lifetime of a product, until Apple stops supporting it with new software.” He adds, “Apple is putting its reputation for great customer service and support at risk. One free battery upgrade would preserve that goodwill.”

Hear! Hear!