We’re shocked by what Alison Brie was asked to do while auditioning for “Entourage”

Slowly but surely, women are starting to get the respect they deserve in Hollywood. But there are still a few instances that’ll make you cringe. Alison Brie auditioned for Entourage years ago, and her experience was nothing short of embarrassing.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Brie revealed that she was called to audition for a brief part on the HBO show.

"Early in my career, I auditioned for three lines on an episode of Entourage that I had to go onin a bikini!" Brie noted.

And while that in itself is pretty terrible, it gets worse.

According to Brie, she was asked to take her top off for the audition.

 Not only is that brutal, it’s frankly disgusting. And it’s something we simply can’t ignore.

Sara Vilkomerson, who interviewed the star, was definitely turned off after hearing about the incident.

The interview itself took place with both Brie and her GLOW costar, Betty Gilpin, both who said that their experiences with casting for their new show was nothing short of amazing.

But the fact that the topic came up so candidly definitely shocked the writer.

Thankfully, not all casting directors stoop so low. Jen Euston, who worked on GLOW as well as Orange Is The New Black and Girls, was also outraged by the news.

We definitely hope that someday, women won’t have to worry about being objectified to get the job. Hopefully casting directors will realize that this sort of behavior will not be tolerated.

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