What Alison Brie did to get in shape for “Glow” sounds intense and badass

For her role in the new Netflix series Glow, Alison Brie had to get in serious shape. After all, when you’re playing a female wrestler you need to be able to bring it on in a big way. And Alison Brie more than rose to the occasion; she transformed her whole body, getting stronger and tougher than she ever imagined. We’ve got the details on how Brie got the body of a pro wrestler, including some of her favorite workout moves. Spoiler alert: the workout is crazy hard, and incredibly inspiring. Anyone else suddenly get the urge to hit the gym?

Brie’s workout routine is exhausting just to read about, but according to her trainer she dove into it with enthusiasm and determination. Alison Brie worked with the founder of Rise Nation Jason Walsh, who’s been her trainer for a few years now. But when he learned she would be playing a pro wrestler, the two doubled down on a serious workout routine. And all that hard work paid off in spades; besides looking incredible, Brie performed 100% of her own stunts on the show.

So what were some of the moves that Alison Brie incorporated into her workouts?

Sled push-and-pulls

By the time her training was complete, Alison Brie could do hundreds of pounds in this super-intense, full-body workout.


Brie learned the proper form for deadlifting (which is so important to increase performance and minimize the chances of injury), and the results showed in how much she was able to lift. Walsh was suitably impressed, in his interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

“I think she got up to 175 pounds on her deadlifts, which is insane. That’s great — it’s one and a half times her body weight.”


Alison Brie got so good at pull-ups that Walsh ended up strapping on additional weights, just to make them more challenging for her!


For this workout standard, Walsh was more interested in quality over quantity, once again adding weight so every rep would count. Remember, if your form isn’t correct at best you’re getting a subpar workout — at worst, you could cause serious injury.

“She also got so strong on push-ups, we actually had 50 pounds of chains put on her back. I kid you not. It’s a great exercise. It’s incredible.”

Hip thrusts

If you want to make your glutes truly impressive, this is the workout to do. And Alison Brie took it to the limit with her training.

“I want to say she got up to 300 pounds on the hip thrusts,” Walsh told The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s insane.”