We’ve all been using our coffee filters wrong this whole time

Coffee addicts, listen up. Have you ever noticed when making a pot (or two, or 18) in the morning that your coffee filter never *quite* fits in the way you want it to? It’s always just a tad too big and sticks out awkwardly, but it’s something we’ve just accepted as a fact of life. EXCEPT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY, GUYS.

Huffington Post kindly pointed out for us that the reason our filters always end up crumpled and weird is because we’ve been ignoring the most important part of them: Those crimped, textured edges.


Yeah, those aren’t there just for the hell of it — they actually have a purpose. If you read the directions on the side of the filter box (and if you didn’t, no judgement, because we totally thought we wouldn’t *have* to read up on how to use a coffee filter), you’ll find that you’re supposed to fold those edges over, making it fit into the pot quite nicely.

This function may seem a little weird — why don’t they just make the filters so that they fit?! — but it’s actually there for extra support so that the filter doesn’t burst while you’re making your coffee. And now, you’ll have the added satisfaction when you place your coffee filter and it fits *perfectly*. Mornings have never been so sweet.