We’ve got questions about these $11,000 grapes

Quick, how much would you spend on a bunch of grapes? If your answer is anything higher than “Uh, a couple bucks?” then wow, congrats on your superior grape taste. But one Japanese supermarket substantially raised the bougie grape bar by paying $11,000 for one single bunch of grapes. One bunch! Of grapes! Our hearts, be still. Naturally, this set a world record for the most expensive grapes.

Of course, there’s a reason why the grapes are about as expensive as a year of city rent. (Whether you think it’s valid or not is another question.) These grapes are Ruby Roman grapes and are valued for their overall high sugar concentration, as well as their enormous weight — up to four times as heavy as the average supermarket-variety grape. People gladly pay extra for this specialty variety, which was first cultivated and marketed in Japan. And on top of its perfunctory expensive cost, the heaviest grapes are marked up again at the “premium” level.

All grape info-ed out? Sure, but what exactly is this supermarket going to do with a bunch of grapes that have an expiration date? Speaking solely for myself, if I bought a $11,000 bunch of grapes, I’d keep them in an airless box so they could last forever as a sort of heirloom marking the excesses of capitalism. But the supermarket’s actual plans are surprisingly sweet (heh): They’re going to display their hard-won fruit, then give them away to customers for free.

Watch a story on the $11,000 grapes on Today below: