We’ve found proof that the new “Beauty and the Beast” will indeed be a musical, and THIS IS TOO EXCITING!

If you’re a major Disney fanatic, get ready to freak TF out, because apparently the new Beauty and the Beast will definitely be a musical. Like, TG! We didn’t think we could be more excited for this classic Disney remake, but we’re so, so here for this.

ICYMI, there have been *so* many questions about this movie. We didn’t know how to feel about Belle’s new feminist backstory, or about the sort of creepy concept art for Mrs. Potts. There was just so much to ponder! And why shouldn’t there be? As a character, Belle had such an impact on so many of our lives, and the fact that she’s played by the ah-mazingly feminist Emma Watson feels oh-so-right. Can you blame us for having high expectations?

So here’s the deal: according to our friends at Vulture, people started realizing the new Beauty and the Beast would be a musical thanks to a toy. 

Apparently, a Belle doll sold by Toys R’ Us features Emma Watson singing “Something There.”


Eeeeek! Obviously we’re hoping this means that the remake will be straight up loaded with classics, though we wouldn’t hate a new song or two (or a dozen) to obsess over. Basically, movie makers, if you’re listening, we want all the songs.

We still have many, many unanswered questions about Beauty and the Beast, and we hope this new one, complete with songs, teaches us even more about one of our favorite magical worlds. And we’re pretty sure that no matter what, we’ll love every single thing about this movie. Just a prediction…