Wet ‘n Wild Workouts! 5 Fit Ways to Cool Off This Summer

By Lacy J. Hansen for DietsInReview.com

It seems like most of us work all winter to get swimsuit ready. However, come summer, those workouts get harder to accomplish because it’s just too hot outside. You don’t have to sweat the stress of the summer. You also don’t have to kiss your swimsuit bod goodbye because there are a lot of great options to stay cool and still get a killer workout during the hottest weeks of summer.


If you have a gym who offers aquabike spin classes, get over there! The classes are just like a regular spin class, except that your bike is anchored to the bottom of the pool and you experience a greater deal of resistance as you pedal through the water. If you’ve ever taken a spin class, you know it gets hot. The pool will help keep riders comfortable and add a great element of fun to a traditional class.

Water Yoga

Forget heated floors, think refreshing pool as your plan your summer yoga. Many find that yoga in the water, while it’s quite different than a mat on the floor, can be easier on the body. Some instructors require noodles and water weights in order to get the most from each movement. Even if the water is heated, the experience can be a nice break from the norm and keep you comfortable as you work out in the summer.

Standup Paddle Boarding

Forget the sun scorched running path. If you want a break from the heat and the monotony, paddle boarding will do the trick. Standup paddle boarding can be done at clubs throughout the country. It’s a really fun way to get a workout without even noticing. The motion is a fantastic ab workout, but most people just notice the great time they’re having as they glide through the water. And if you need to cool off, slide off for a splash or a dip.

Aqua Zumba

Are you sensing a theme here? Take something that is a good workout and throw it into the water. That’s what’s happened with the popular Zumba classes, too. Now dancers are shakin’ their stuff in the pool while an instructor stands poolside and leads them through the dance moves. Many who do Aqua Zumba say it’s just as fun, a little harder, but it keeps them cool as they get a serious workout.

Deep Water Running

Some days, the heat can just suck the joy out of a run. While many use the pool as a place to recover from injury, there’s no reason a runner can’t take to the pool to get a workout and avoid the heat. Most gyms have weighted belts for runners. They just strap them on, go to the deep end, and run in place. It’s a fantastic workout, with lots of resistance. And when it’s 100 degrees outdoors, who doesn’t want to be in the pool?

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