Wet n Wild released its first-ever vegan highlighter palette, and it’s a pastel wonderland

Animal rights activists have been fighting the good fight for decades trying to ensure that our beauty products are not only safe but cruelty-free — so any time a brand embraces vegan, ethically-produced ingredients it’s a cause for celebration. With the addition of the MegaGlo Highlighter Palette, Wet n Wild is releasing its first-ever vegan highlighting palette, and not only is it animal-friendly, but it’s a pastel wonderland.

Wet n Wild has long been a staple in our makeup drawers, thanks to their vibrant colors, huge product lines, and affordability. The fact that they’ve dipped their toes in the vegan makeup waters makes us extremely hopeful that they’ll continue to bring cruelty-free makeup to the masses at their low price point.

The Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting palette is now available for $14.99.

You can snag it at Ulta, Wet n Wild, and Walmart while supplies last.

These highly-pigmented highlighters are beautifully blendable and have an ultra-pearly finish for a luminous, celestial glow. These shades are truly incandescent.

This limited-edition palette is the ticket to keep your glow on all winter long. This frosted, iridescent palette features four new shades of the brand’s cult-favorite highlighters: Sweet Peony; Blushing Azalea; Wild Cosmos; and Diamond Lily.

The Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Palette will give you a blinding shine and keep your skin silky smooth.

With every brand coming out with their own multi-colored highlighting palette these days, it’s wonderful to have an affordable option.

Head on over to Wet n Wild and pick one up for yourself! You’ll feel like a veritable snow queen with these stunning, icy shades.

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