Wet ‘n’ Wild Beauty shared a sneak peek of their new purple MegaGlo highlighter, and it’s bewitching

Wet ‘n’ Wild just teased what’s is in store for spring, and we are super excited about shopping their new products! The affordable cosmetics brand has been giving higher end companies a run for their money. Most recently, in 2016, their Mega Glo line of highlighters were so popular among beauty buffs that they were selling out nationwide at drugstores. We still use them as one of our daily products, which is why we are super excited that Wet ‘n’ Wild is coming out with a new kabuki brush and bewitching purple Mega Glo highlighter. You heard us right, PURPLE. Okay, we are putting down our champagne colored highlighters and are so ready for this.

We love that Wet ‘n’ Wild is both vegan and cruelty-free!

The fact that we can get both makeup and brushes at such a low cost without harming our furry friends is an amazing bonus to an already phenomenal value.

According to Bustle, the new products are expected to hit shelves in March, which is right around the corner! Considering how affordable their other brushes and Mega Glo products are, we can assume they will be under $10, around the $3 to $7 range. Don’t forget that many drug and chain stores often have coupons. That is like getting your hands on these for almost free!

Can lilac be the new rainbow in the highlighter trend? We hope so!

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