The newest trailer for ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ = pure hilarity

In 29 short days, Netflix will release 8 episodes of its brand new original show, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp. That means, you have 29 days to watch the OG Wet Hot American summer again and again (on Netflix) until you’ve memorized every line of dialogue. If that’s not enough prep for your return to Camp Firewood, now we’ve got a brand new full-length trailer which is certified at 100% hilarious. And this is only 2 minutes and 41 seconds of what’s still to come.

While the movie shows us the campers’ last day at camp, now we’re going to watch them all show up and get re-acquainted with one another on day one. Paul Rudd’s Andy makes a glorious late entrance on top of a motorcycle. Then he jumps off of the motorcycle. He’s going to break so many hearts this summer.

It’s not only Rudd who’s back as a 16-year old camper (just go with it). Everyone is back. And also? Everyone is in this movie. Amy Poehler? Bradley Cooper? Elizabeth Banks? Jason Schwartzman? Josh Charles? David Hyde Pierce? Jordan Peele?? John Slattery?? CHRIS PINE??? Weird Al?! It might be easier to just list off people who don’t show up at Camp Firewood this summer. On and Kristen Wiig, too, and she looks like this, which I feel is really important to note:

The trailer’s not the only thing that Netflix brought us today. There’s also a brand new poster for the show, which is just as magical, if not more. This poster feels like summer.

Now take some time out of your Thursday to bask in the glory of this brand new trailer. It’s got a few NSWF words, but that’s just how the kids at camp roll. And remember, July 31st. 8 episodes. Don’t be late.

(Image via Netflix)

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